Glenn Brown

Piaceri Sconosciuti (solo show)
Museo Stefano Bardini, Florence
10 June - 26 October 2017

Glenn Brown, The Shallow End, 2011. Courtesy the artist.
Glenn Brown, The Shallow End, 2011. Courtesy the artist.

The Stefano Bardini Museum is thrilled to announce a major exhibition by Glenn Brown, from 10th June to 26th October. Mining art history and popular culture, Glenn Brown has created an artistic language that transcends time and pictorial conventions. His mannerist impulses stem from a desire to breathe new life into the extremities of historical form. Through reference, appropriation, and investigation, he presents a contemporary reading of images new and remembered.  Borrowed figures and landscapes are subjected to a thoughtful and extended process of development in which they gradually transform into compelling, exuberant entities. In sophisticated compositions that fuse diverse histories—the Renaissance, Impressionism, Surrealism—Brown creates a space where the abstract and the visceral, the rational and irrational, the beautiful and grotesque, churn in a dizzying amalgamation of reference and form.

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