Access All Areas, a drawing exhibition - Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to present Access All Areas – a drawing exhibition featuring works by D-L Alvarez, Dan Attoe, Katarina Burin, Dieter Detzner, Paula Doepfner, Knut Eckstein, Ayşe Erkmen, Friederike Feldmann, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Katharina Grosse, Jens Hanke, Joe Hardesty, Dorothy Iannone, Šejla Kamerić, Alicja Kwade, Jonas Lipps, Michel Majerus, Michael Müller, Jens Nippert, Jens Nordmann, Chloe Piene, Antonio Gonzales Paucar, Berthold Reiß, Bernd Ribbeck, Jenny Rosemeyer, Josh Smith, Thaddeus Strode, Benedikt Terwiel, Alexander Wagner and Claudia Wieser.

The exhibition plays with the idea of drawing as the most basic and immediate form of making an artwork. Access All Areas brings together 30 artists of which most are based in Berlin. They all expand the definition of drawing by approaching this medium in many different ways. Access All Areas presents a multiplicity of possibilities to the making and reading of works in which drawing plays an essential role for their creation. 

The works, most of which were commissioned especially for the exhibition, range from intimate pencil notations to conceptual systems. Formal investigations border into painting and assemblage. Drawing becomes performance and vice versa. Photographic collages are exhibited as well as wall drawings and works that appropriate cultural and pop references.

Organised by Arturo Herrera and Tanja Wagner, this exhibition is interested in showing the immense potential of drawing today. The emphasis lies on drawing as a contemporary artistic tool which keeps on expanding its possibilities.