Beatriz Milhazes - Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to present an exhibition with new paintings by Beatriz Milhazes. With intense colours and dynamic compositions Milhazes’ work takes an outstanding position. She brings the clichés about Brazilian culture with its samba and carnival to a further level. Flowers, organic patterns and elements from arts and crafts are stylized. Rooted in Brazilian modernism her work refers to traditional forms of handicrafts, sewing and embroidery. Abstraction and figuration are combined in an unusual way.

Four paintings and two collages from 2005 and 2006 are being exhibited in Zimmerstrasse 90/91. 

Beleza Pura (2006) catches the eye, not only because its immense size of 199,5 x 400,5 cm but also from the use of a colder colour scheme of blue and different shades of purple. Milhazes often uses geometric forms like stripes and squares for her backgrounds and in this painting she inserted a black square in the upper right corner. The other paintings are dominated by warmer colours of red and orange.
Unlike most of Milhazes’ works which lack a center in their composition and let the eye follow the swirling ornaments, Nega Maluca (2006) is a square painting with one centered piece. A large stylized flower in dark purple and pink colours emerges on a bright beige and yellow background with small stars. The painting brings to mind a firework in the sky, that grows bigger and bigger and seems to almost be coming out of the canvas.
Ouro Branco (2006) and Chokito (2006) are the two collages in the show. For Chokito (which is he name of a chocolate brand), Milhazes included wrappings and colored paper from candy and chocolate bars.

For her paintings Milhazes uses a special collage technique. She first paints the motives onto glass or plastic sheets. After it has dried she peels it off and attaches it onto the canvas which is prepared with background colour and compositional sketches. It is a slow process which on the other hand gives the artist freedom to change the composition on the way and the result is a dynamic painting with almost three-dimensional effects.

Beatriz Milhazes was born 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she also lives and works. In 2006 she will have a solo show in Paris at the Fondation Cartier. In 2004 Milhazes had a solo show at the Century Museum for Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan. The same year she participated at the São Paulo Biennial, Brazil and in 2003 at the Venice Biennial. This is Milhazes’ second solo show at Galerie Max Hetzler.

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