Darren Almond - Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to present a film installation by Darren Almondin the St. Johannes Evangelist Kirche at Auguststraße 90, Berlin Mitte.

If I Had You
is a DVD film installation consisting of four different projections, that can be seen simultaneously on the front and back side of the screens. The largest screen measures 667 x 500 cm.

Nan shows an old lady that gives a strong introspection with her leaned head and her melancholic and unfocussed gaze; in Fountain, blue water gushes up constantly to water flowers in a garden; in Dance, we see a dancing couple in an old Victorian dancehall, and Windmill is a night view of an illuminated model of a mill.

The film motives can be read symbolically: the sparkling water as the elixir of life, the old lady as a sign of the harvest of life. Also the seemingly endless turning wings of the windmill refer to the subject ,time´, the main and most important subject of Darren Almond´s works. He rejects the concept of time as a one dimensional line. Time appears in his art as a connection of different temporal levels, time is stretched, compressed, and therefore can be experienced in a new way.

In If I Had You different time levels are connected: the viewer is confronted with the actual synchroniously running films, whereby the screens are arranged in a way that the singular projections can relate to each other. For example, the head of Nan seems to be turned in the direction of the dancing couple, as though it would be an image brought to life.

At the same time there are strong autobiographical elements in the films: Nan is the artist´s grandmother who recalls experiences from her past; she remembers her husband who died 20 years ago and whom she is longing for, as it is referred in the title, she remembers the honeymoon they spent together in Blackpool, a small English seaside town, she remembers the sea (visualized in the blue water of Fountain), the dancehall, where she danced as a young woman, and she remembers the amusement park-like decorations of the town from which Windmill is a concrete example.

Besides of these personal references, If I Had You tells about longing and nostalgia, about the painful passage of time and can be experienced as a multiperspective time-space-texture, where real events, the past and present of remembering, and the distances of time and space are combined to a vivid and complex texture.

Darren Almond, born in 1971 in Wigan, England currently lives and works in London. His film installations, sculptures and photographs had been recently exhibited in Münster (2003), at the Venice Biennal (2003), at the Kunsthalle Zürich (2001), and at the de Appel Foundation in Amsterdam (2001). This is his fourth exhibition at Galerie Max Hetzler.

If I Had You was produced by Fondazione Nicola Trussardi and for the first time exhibited in Milano in November 2003.

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Opening hours: every day, 11 am – 6pm.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on February 14 between 6 pm and 8 pm