Günter Tuzina - Galerie Max Hetzler

Günter Tuzina, born in 1951 in Hamburg, lives and works in Berlin.

"Tuzina started off as a draughtsman. His wall-piece of 1976, although painted, is more a drawing than a painting and in the context of what immediately followed may certainly be seen as a manifesto. When he says the line is an expression of the intellect, it is not an empty phrase but sums up the essence of drawing, as many artists have done before him. Way back in the Renaissance, when drawing first developed into an autonomous genre, 'disegno' was not just a craft but also the intellectual conception of a work. Tuzina's work not only reflects the obvious reaction to the directly preceding generation: it was also inspired by the Italian Renaissance. He was especially fascinated by the natural proportions of Brunelleschi's and Alberti's architecture that can directly be 'read' from their buildings."

— Franz W. Kaiser in G. Tuzina, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, 2002