REBECCA WARREN - Galerie Max Hetzler

Rebecca Warren (b.1965, lives and works in London) makes sculptures, assemblages and constructions in a variety of materials including clay, bronze, steel and neon. She has said about her work that "it comes from a strange nowhere, then gradually something comes out into the light. There are impulses, half-seen shapes, things that might have stuck with you from decades ago, as well as more recently. It's all stuff in the world going through you as a filter..."

For FIAC's Hors les Murs, Warren will present the sculpture Rainer in the garden of Museé National Eugène Delacroix, as well as Mélancholie (2011) inside the museum.

Standing directly on the ground, Rainer (2017) is a 3 metre tall bronze sculpture, hand-painted in mostly pale hues with scumbled, delicate touches and broader, darker patches to suggest flesh or clothing or facial features, or, at the far end of the scale, surface shimmer. Towards the top of Rainer under a large pink bow is a blue-black hard-edged area suggestive of an eye patch or an intensely dilated pupil.

FIAC Hors les Murs