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„Using the pioneering technique of the pinhole camera to construct captivating representations of space and architecture, Vera Lutter reinvents the medium of photography and enters into a discourse on the condition of an image by generating a new approach towards both time and space.

Lutter’s photography reveals hidden aspects of represented objects and environments, pushing them to the edge of the unfamiliar and new, the uncanny and tamed, suspended between mobility and stillness.

Positioned in a darkened room fitted with a pinhole, the artist exposes the outside scene directly onto the photographic paper. Because the resulting images are not made with a negative, they are unique and cannot be reproduced. The photographic process reverses the tones on the paper – the sky is black, buildings are white - and it also renders the image itself inverted and upside down. As such, the unusual elaboration of the large-scale photograph activates the viewer’s perceptual qualities; it is as if ist immensity invites one to inhabit seemingly ghostly environments.“

Excerpt from the catalog Vera Lutter Kunsthaus Graz, 2004

Vera Lutter, born in 1960 in Germany, lives and works in New York. Her work had been exhibited internationally with solo shows at Kunsthaus Graz (2004), Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago (2002), Kunsthalle Basel (2001), Dia Center, New York (1999/2000).

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