Günther Förg et al.

La Pintura un Reto Permanente (group show)
CaixaForum Madrid
23 October 2019 – 1 March 2020

At the beginning of the twentieth century, painting abandoned its referential function, and if it was a window of the world, it was proposed as an idea, an intellectual representation that constituted an autonomous visual reality. In this process, the painting has triggered important debates, has been a source of inspiration and confrontation and has marked a starting point for numerous contemporary artistic trends.

This exhibition explores painting as a mental process, an abstract idea that from the canvas expands to other media such as photography, sculpture, engraving or installation. It is the idea of ​​the pictorial, which incorporates a changed understanding of the painting that is embodied between the intellectual concept and the sensuality of the subject. "Painting: a permanent challenge" brings together works by artists who renewed the painting in the sixties and seventies together with those of a younger generation that have extended the limits of this discipline, reinventing new production and presentation formulas.



Günther Förg, Christopher Wool et al.

Out of Order. Works from the Haubrok Collection, part 2 (group show)
Neues Museum, Nuremberg
17 January – 1 March 2020

Installation view: Neues Museum, Nuremberg, 2020. Photo: Hannes Rohrer
Installation view: Neues Museum, Nuremberg, 2020. Photo: Hannes Rohrer

For Axel Haubrok, art is primarily a question of being able to think. Looking at his collection, it becomes clear that thinking about art, its aesthetic dimension, its ability to communicate, its quest for knowledge and the sublime, and its purpose within society in general is a question that is immanent within the system, but also an important factor in current artistic production.

Barbara and Axel Haubrok began collecting professionally at the end of the 1980s, and their collection now contains over 1000 works. Their focus is on international conceptual art at the turn of the millennium, covering the contemporary art of the last three decades. With their keen eye for thoughtful artists, they have made a name for themselves. As well as museum-scale material, sculpture and painting, photography and film, they also collect installations and small-format ephemera. The Haubroks still passionately support activities in contemporary art and culture, including exhibitions at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in Berlin Lichtenberg.

The exhibition title Out of Order refers not to some kind of malfunction, but to a resistance to any ordering principle, reflecting the mischievousness and non-conformism of the collectors with their eye for particularly “disorderly”, ambiguous and enigmatic works.

Neues Museum Nuremberg