Loris Gréaud

The Original, The Translation (solo show)
Bibliothèque Kandinsky I Centre Pompidou
From 2 October 2019

With the participation of Didier Schulmann, Aurélien Bernard et Mica Gherghescu.

The invitation addressed to Loris Gréaud by Bibliothèque Kandinsky follows a long standing collaboration and mutual dialogue with its documentary collections. The Bibliothèque Kandinsky holds and preserves Loris Gréaud’s lasting production of publications and artist books in their entirety, whilst the artist is committed to donate systematically to the Library one copy of his future editorial venture. One of the first donations to be integrated in the collections goes back to The Unplayed Notes exhibition, held at Yvon Lambert Gallery in 2012.

For the present occasion, Loris Gréaud has conceived a modular, progressive and evolving structure which will invest the public reading space of Bibliothèque Kandinsky and will allow visitors and readers alike to discover the global scope of his publishing activity, his research, artist books, and limited editions.

The specific structure finds an accurate balance between exhibition space, reading site as well as storage stacks, giving the rare opportunity to interact with fragile objects and archival material. The structure will be consistently re- activated in different display situations imagined by the Gréaudstudio Editions.

The installation is bound to evolve and develop according to future objects that will be added to the ensemble, giving the possibility of a new and ever-changing display given different site specificities and moment of exhibiting, including the permanent collections. Inspired by Edouard Glissant’s archipelago metaphor, the artist’s intervention will traverse Centre Pompidou’s architecture and will be rhythmed by the constant flow and feed of books.

The Original, The Translation