André Butzer

Press Releases, Letters, Conversations, Texts, Poems 1994 – 2020, Volume 2 (publication)

© André Butzer, Verlag für moderne Kunst
© André Butzer, Verlag für moderne Kunst

The second volume of André Butzer's collected writings has recently been published by Alexander Linn / Edition Linn. As an extension of the first volume, which focuses on the artist's writings from 1999 until 2017, this publication gathers an abundant selection of press releases, letters, conversations, texts and poems from 1994 until 2020, offering an intimate and personal insight into Butzer's painterly formation and practice.

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André Butzer, Thomas Struth et al.

Now or Never – 50 Years LBBW Collection (group show)
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart
13 November 2021 – 20 February 2022

Thomas Struth, West Broadway, Tribeca, New York, 1978, Collection LBBW, © Thomas Struth
Thomas Struth, West Broadway, Tribeca, New York, 1978, Collection LBBW, © Thomas Struth

The LBBW art collection dates back to the year 1971. The focus of the collection was initially on art from the Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg region. At the beginning of the 1990s, the collection was expanded to include international positions. The foundation of LBBW and its development promoted the growth of the collection. “Collecting Contemporary” is the keyword today. The orientation and history of the LBBW collection show parallels to the collection of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. On the occasion of the LBBW anniversary and the long-standing cooperation with the art museum, outstanding works will be on display from all areas of the LBBW collection.

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

André Butzer


For the collaboration with Celine, André Butzer’s character “Wanderer”, (2001) has been taken from the artist’s sketchbooks, lithographs and linoleum prints. Although the figure is in black and white, it is about colour and the potential for colour. This character from Butzer’s universe has been adapted onto various products across the range including embroidered black cotton thread onto raffia baskets, printed in black and white onto grained leather and featured as an artwork patch onto t-shirts and high-top sneakers.