Christopher Wool et al.

SERIES. Prints from Warhol to Wool (group show)
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg
16 April – 15 August 2021

Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg. © Hamburger Kunsthalle, photo: Ralf Suerbaum
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg. © Hamburger Kunsthalle, photo: Ralf Suerbaum

The exhibition SERIES now presents for the first time highlights from the collection dating from 1960 to the present that allow the history of this medium to be traced from Josef Albers’s (1888–1976) Hommage au carré (1965) to David Hockney’s (b. 1937) cycle A Rake’s Progress (1961–63) and onward to Roy Lichtenstein’s Haystack series and Christopher Wool’s (b. 1955) 2016 series Untitled. A second focus is on recent acquisitions of works by younger artists, such as the series Mid-Sentence  (2018) by Nina Canell (b. 1979) and Helen Cammock’s sequence (b. 1977) Shouting in Whispers (2017).

The selection of around 50 graphic series not only showcases major works from this genre ranging from Pop Art to the present but also takes a look at the history of their production and the artists’ collaborations with leading printers, publishers and editions, which in many cases led to new and surprising, often even revolutionary, developments in graphic art. The thread running through the entire exhibition project is the serial process, from the structure of the series as a sequence of motifs, to the step-by-step printing process, right through to the sequential perception of the artworks by the viewer. How are series printed? What processes, decisions and techniques play a role? The show directly documents the collaboration between artists and printers through films and interviews that in many cases address new printmaking techniques. Based on the Hamburger Kunsthalle’s own collection, the roughly 300 works on view compellingly demonstrate the explosive visual and political power of graphic series.

Hamburger Kunsthalle

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