Inge Mahn

Stand und Verfassung
A project by Inge Mahn and Vlado Velkov

A Christmas tree is also affected by the lockdown in Brandenburg. It is located on Lake Wolziger near Funkenmühle and will remain there for the foreseeable future. This socially distant Christmas tree by Inge Mahn and Vlado Velkov floats, lonely, on a raft on top of cold water. Without family and friends, he turns on his axis again and again and dances with his reflection. For the small community on the shore that helped with the production, the tree evolved into a social project that brings people back together, brings joy and instills hope. The work, titled Stand und Verfassung (Status and Constitution), is on view until the end of the lockdown, from the shore in Funkenmühle.

Watch the video here.