Frank Nitsche - Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to present recent paintings by Frank Nitsche at Zimmerstraße 90/91.

When beginning to paint, Frank Nitsche always starts without a preparatory drawing but by building up a framework of lines. Layers of paint are applied on top of each other which the artist partly removes with an industrial polisher, then adding new layers again. In his new paintings the radical mutations of form seem less architectural and the fragile texture of lines has been partly reduced. Single details of shape are becoming more prominent like in GEE-02-2008 where they turn into abstract compositions which show a tendency towards figuration. The near-figure in CUP-04-2008 seems to be evolving from a comic.

The title DROPS does not refer to paint drops but to sweets. It would be too simple to consider these little round candies as the only inspiration for the change in Nitsche´s painting palette; still, a look on his new paintings reveals that lemon-yellow, tender-violet and apricot have expanded his range of colours – appearing almost like candy. Here one can see Nitsche´s preference for colours that produce a strong contrast in their combination, so that the picture starts to virtually vibrate when looking at it – a feeling just like tasting a sour drop!

For the first time paintings are shown alongside objects. A contemporary version of the classical marble plinth contrasts the large-scale paintings: Frank Nitsche´s brightly coloured objects are constructed out of aluminium cans and foil that the artist covered little by little with stickers over the years. On top of these works protagonists are placed from the world of comic characters, consumer goods and kitsch: a goggle-eyed Bart Simpson, monstrous toys and a cute birdie.

Frank Nitsche is encoding his works with cryptic titles consisting of three letters, one cypher and the date of a year. These codes are not possible to decrypt for the viewer and therefore prevent from a definite interpretation. By playing with the lack of information the paintings remain suggestive and can take on diverse meanings. Although they are abstract they draw from the iconography of popular culture and media design. The artist has compiled a consistent archive of pictures from magazine photographs that is his main source of inspiration for his compositions. Also, the innumerable stickers on the plinths provide a large repertoire of pictures for his inventions of shapes in his paintings. Thus, Frank Nitsche piles patterns of pictures in his abstractions and transforms them into their own language of form.

Frank Nitsche was born in Görlitz in 1964 and lives and works in Berlin. He has studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Dresden. This is Frank Nitsche´s fourth solo exhibition at Galerie Max Hetzler. His work has been featured in solo shows in institutions like the Musée d’Art et Contemporain, Strasbourg and the FRAC Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand (2007). It has also been shown in the following group shows: MUDAM – Musée d´Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg (2007); ZKM Museum für Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe (2006) and Tate Modern, London (2006) as well as the Prague Biennale 2 (2005) and at the Centre Pompidou, Paris (2004).

From May 2 - June 28 Galerie Max Hetzler Temporary at Oudenarder Straße 16-20 in Berlin-Wedding will present an exhibition of Mona Hatoum „Unhomely“.

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