Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille

Paintings (solo show)
Stiftung zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst in Weidingen, Weidingen
29 July - 27 August 2017


Joan Mitchell, Navid Nuur, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille et al.

Painting the Night (group show)
Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz
13 October 2018 - 15 April 2019

Night-time has been a major source of inspiration throughout Art History and continued to fascinate artists during the 20ieth century. Though the idea might seem incongruous at first, “painting the night” is, on the contrary, extremely meaningful. To begin with, night-time has never been pitch black, and even less so since the electricity revolution, also it is at night that one may, physically as well as symbolically, experience a form of “detachment from the world” much sought after by modernity. Dusk could very well be a perfect metaphor for the elusive boundary between figuration and abstraction. This exhibition assembles major works by legendary Avant guards as well as younger generations, together with some spectacular installations by contemporary artists, while following the thread of two distinct yet interrelated orientations: painting the night can mean representing night or painting at night. There is, here, a choice between perfecting our perception of the environment and simply closing one’s eyes. Painting without seeing because one’s perception is obscured or breaking free from the physicality of the retina, that is the question.

Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz