Jérémy Demester et al.

Par Hasard vol II (group show)
Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille
17 October 2019 – 23 February 2020

© Friche de la Belle de Mai Marseille
© Friche de la Belle de Mai Marseille


Jérémy Demester

La Lumière des Mondes (group show)
Domaine des Etangs, Massignac
24 May - 15 December 2019

Jérémy Demester, Parce que tu as les yeux bleus, 2018
Jérémy Demester, Parce que tu as les yeux bleus, 2018

The exhibition “La Lumière des Mondes” (The Light of the Worlds) is an exploration of Nature, of the universal mother, of complementary forces, such as the feminine and the masculine, the Earth and the sky, the vertical and the horizontal, and of the transformation required for each of us to renew with our unity, and hence renew our commitment to the Earth.

Nature begets Creation, Light helps reveal it. Without the sun, the earth would be shrouded in darkness. Prophecy, fairy tales, mythology, whether folkloric or religious, and stories mentioning the Sun, the torch that gave Life to Earth, are legendary. Here, the artists unveil their creative worlds.
Light is essential for artists. Many attempt to capture, embody and enhance Light, and they alone, thanks to their spiritual power, thanks to a process of reflection and of transformation of matter, are capable of rendering it tangible beyond our natural environment.

Through twenty-five international artists and over thirty pieces of modern and contemporary art, but also through statuettes from ancient civilisations and different eras, Light becomes a symbol. It guides us and enshrouds us.
It embodies the connection between beings, beyond mere lineage. “La Laiterie” of Domaine des Etangs® exhibition space is empty of picture rails. The visitors are free to wander and be guided at their own pace by the works and a soundtrack composed by Mathieu Lamboley. Water, murmur, blossoms bordering on music: the composer has invented the sound of buried worlds.

Domaine des Etangs, Massignac