Rineke Dijkstra

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Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959), one of the most highly regarded Dutch artists, received international recognition in the early 90's for her eloquent portrait series of teenagers and young adults. The exploration of identity remains central to her powerful images of adolescents, clubbers, soldiers, emigrants, schoolchildren or toreadors. Dijkstra often accompanies her models over years to enable an emotional relationship and trust which lead to a specific intimacy and naturalness in her photographies and films. In both moving and still images, Dijkstra's images evidence an intense concentration.

 ‘As an artist, Dijkstra has a patience and sympathy for the people in her pictures, an ability to look carefully at them and to represent what she finds; she shows us their complexities without sentiment and without minimizing the uncertainty, even the traumas they may face. And what she finds are not moral lessons [...] Instead, what we see when we take the time to look at her pictures are the imperfections and the particular grace she finds in ordinary people, especially in the young. Because of their size and their intimacy, her pictures present these moments of insight, glances at what is beautiful and vulnerable, and ask that we see, remember and understand - even that we cherish these moments, because they will disappear.

Sandra S. Phillips, Twenty Years of Looking at People in Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective, Guggenheim Museum Publications, 2012

Image: Hilton Head Island, S.C., USA, June 22, 1992

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Darren Almond, Glenn Brown, André Butzer, Rineke Dijkstra, Günther Förg, Mona Hatoum, Jeff Koons, Vera Lutter, Marepe, Beatriz Milhazes, Ernesto Neto, Frank Nitsche, Albert Oehlen, Yves Oppenheim, Richard Phillips, Michael Raedecker, Bridget Riley, Thomas Struth, Rebecca Warren, Christopher Wool, Toby Ziegler

Galerie Max Hetzler / Holzwarth Publications / Ridinghouse, Berlin and London 2014
With texts by Julie Sylvester and Jean-Marie Gallais
Edited by Jean-Marie Gallais

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