Opened in 2022, Hetzler | Marfa is a permanent exhibition space which hosts one artist residency and one exhibition per year. Housed in a purpose-built space on the outskirts of Marfa, Texas, its vibrant programme engages with the region’s vast landscape and rich history as a centre for art.

Marfa’s history as a destination for artists traces back to the early 1970s, when artist Donald Judd moved from New York to Marfa, drawn to its remoteness and cinematic landscape. In May 2022, Galerie Max Hetzler became the first European gallery to open a permanent exhibition space in Marfa. A site-specific artwork by Darren Almond, Inflection Point, 2022, welcomes visitors to the premises. The sculpture fits into the openness of the Texan landscape, nearly blending with the colours of the surrounding grasslands. Along the top of the steel sculpture, the phrase ‘SPACE BETWEEN THOUGHTS’ is doubled, allowing visitors to read it on their arrival and departure from the site, as if through a gate. Hetzler | Marfa was inaugurated with an exhibition of new sculptures and works on paper by Albert Oehlen in 2022. In May 2023, Hetzler | Marfa opened its second exhibition, Indoor Paintings, presenting new works by Grace Weaver painted during her residency in Marfa. In May 2024, Hetzler | Marfa opened its third annual exhibition, The Super Eight, with new works by Katharina Grosse.



Working in a wide variety of media, British artist Darren Almond deals with abstract ideas of time, space, history and memory and how these concepts relate and intersect. Inflection Point, 2022, deals with notions of time and place, referring both to a mathematical point of inflection and a linguistic turning point or milestone. The doubling of the words along the top of the sculpture, which are repeated in an inversion of themselves, resemble the shadow play of the bright Texan sun. As a gate, the work is open to both sides, allowing visitors to read the sentence ‘SPACE BETWEEN THOUGHTS’ both on their arrival to and departure from the site of Hetzler | Marfa.



The Super Eight
Hetzler | Marfa: 1976 Antelope Hills Road
9 May – 8 December 2024

In May 2024, Hetzler | Marfa opened its third exhibition, The Super Eight, presenting seven new works on canvas by Katharina Grosse, which she painted in her studio in Aotearoa New Zealand in early 2024, specifically for this presentation.

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Indoor Paintings
Hetzler | Marfa: 1976 Antelope Hills Road
4 May – 10 December 2023

In May 2023, Hetzler | Marfa opened its second exhibition, Indoor Paintings, presenting new works by Grace Weaver painted during her residency in Marfa. Painting on a physical scale that matches or supersedes her own, Weaver imagines figures who are long-limbed and heavily layered with colour. Abounding with art historical references spanning from Mannerism to Rococo, Weaver’s compositions revive and challenge the tradition of genre painting in contemporary form. Communicating themes of the mundane, the melancholic and the emotional, Weaver takes that which is personal and transforms it into universally recognisable visual narratives.

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Sculptures and Works on Paper
Hetzler | Marfa: 1976 Antelope Hills Road
26 May – 4 December 2022

In May 2022, Hetzler | Marfa presented its inaugural exhibition with sculptures and works on paper by Albert Oehlen. One of the most respected and internationally recognised German artists working today, Albert Oehlen has influenced a generation of younger artists worldwide. Known mostly through painting and works on paper, here we see the artist working in sculpture for the first time since the 1980s, when he produced a small body of work in wood. Oehlen has been questioning the methods and means of art since this time, raising a sense of awareness for its methods, which he aims to reinvent and to reshape, always in opposition to traditional hierarchies.

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Marfa, Texas by Tursic & Mille

'These pictures were taken "on the road", in South Texas in December 2022 on the occasion of Albert Oehlen's exhibition Sculptures and Works on Paper at Hetzler | Marfa, 1976 Antelope Hills Road. So, road pictures, from Marfa to the Chihuahua desert where we got lost in the vast, fascinating and cinematic landscapes of the Mexican border while driving along the Rio Grande (of course without GPS).'

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, 2023


All photos: Tursic & Mille, 2022, © Tursic & Mille

1976 Antelope Hills Road

Brown Tarantulas’ Holes,
Wild Landscape,
Donald Shoots the Rattlesnake,
Little black Pigs in the Cold Night,
The Sheriff is a good Tacos Adviser,
Bohemian Palace,
Lines in Space, Dots on Top,
Tumbleweeds Migration,
The Show is Over,
Space Between Thoughts,
The Temple is in the Desert,
1976 Antelope Hills Road,
Baumbilder and Ö-Norm,
Pipes, Plaster and Wires,
Trumpets and Bells,
Lost in the Chihuahua,
Old Maverick Road,
Moon Devoured by Mountains,
Concrete, Stones and Bones
The Night Rises Again

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, 2023



1976 Antelope Hills Road
Marfa, Texas

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Opening hours

During annual exhibition: 9 May – 8 December 2024
Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 6 pm
Summer break: 1 – 31 August 2024


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Marfa is a 3 hours drive from El Paso International Airport and Midland International Air & Space Port. Both airports offer private transportation services and rental cars.


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