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Edmund de Waal's work addresses, among others, the subjects of collecting - archiving and including - removing. Recognised as an exceptional ceramist, Edmund de Waal models small unique vessels that form the base of his installations. Carefully composed vitrines create a visual narration and result in a subtle dialogue between tradition and modernity, minimalism and architecture, ideas of repetition and rhythm, informed by his passions for literature as well as music and suitable for meditative contemplation.

"One of the most profound explanations of what a pot, a vessel of fired clay, represents as an object in the world was expressed by Philip Rawson in his classic, Ceramics: 'A pot thus “contains” both the reality of materials and process, and the inner realities of man´s sense of identity in relation to his own world of meaning.' It has been de Waal´s achievement to find in the making of his vessels an inexhaustible means of exploring both the most intellectually ambitious ideas and the most elusive and subjective thoughts and feelings."

Emma Crichton-Miller, Can a Poet be a Potter of Song? in Edmund de Waal, Phaidon, 2014

Image: Fadensonnen I, 2014, 20 porcelain vessels in a wood and plexiglass cabinet, 90 x 50 x 15 cm

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Galerie Max Hetzler / Holzwarth Publications, Berlin 2016
With an introduction by Edmund de Waal

€ 35.00

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Edmund de Waal

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With a text by Edmund de Waal (German / English)

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Galerie Max Hetzler Berlin | Paris 2014
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